Corefit Custom Orthotics - SIZE 12 ONLY

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  • The impact of walking and running inflicts wear and tear on the body with each step your shoes or sneaker take, causing aches and pain in your feet, legs and lower back. THIS 3/4 FIRM shoe inserts absorbs this shock, stabilizes the foot, and corrects the poor alignment & instability which causes foot, knee & back pain.

  • Simply dip in boiling water and fit to your foot. These are rigid (hard) shoe inserts which brace & support the weight bearing areas of your foot. It is classified as a class 1 medical device.

  • Orthotic shoe inserts should be more firm than soft. If they're jelly-like or soft, they can't be supportive. These firm, self moldable podiatrist grade orthotics have been supplied to podiatrists since 1932.