About Us

What We Are About


Award Winning Clinic. Award Winning Staff.

By purchasing through Elysian, you are purchasing products recommended by the expertise of our award winning staff and clinic, year after year.


Our  Mission Is To Keep You Moving

We provide a variety of therapies to help relax and heal the soul, body, and mind. At Elysian Wellness Centre, our goal is to create a clinic environment that truly cares about the patient. We are all about client experience and shine in the field of providing the athlete, the injured, the daily worker, children, and seniors the most positive experience in medical treatment on their path to recovery. We want our clients to get the best experience possible, and that is by providing them with the best treatment possible for their injuries.
Now, we have brought that mentality and award winning service, to our online store. We want to provide a quick, efficient, and convenient experience when purchasing rehabilitation or exercise products. When purchasing from us, you know you are getting only quality. We do not carry subpar brands, and do not carry any items we do not prescribe to our patients.


Why Choose Us

When purchasing through our online store, you know you are receiving quality products, every time. We do not carry subpar brands, nor do we carry any products that we would not provide our in-house patients. 

We want to provide low prices, with convenient local curb-side pick up or shipping. Know that when purchasing through our online store, you are supporting a local small business that grew its roots in the very community of Nepean.