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LOOPS 1.0 by Elysian™ Wellness are an easy to use exercise tool that can be used anywhere. With a set of 5 resistance levels, these resistance loops help sculpt, shape, and tone your muscles. From sculpting a firm round booty, to toning your shoulders and arms, LOOPS 1.0 by Elysian™ Wellness is the perfect, and stylish, choice for controlled resistance.
  • Build your body - These high quality bands provide the resistance you need, from light to heavy, to build and tone your muscles.
  • Premium Quality - Light, durable, and strong. These 100% latex bands won't degrade over time.
  • Real Resistance -  Comes in a set of 5 bands. 5-10LBS, 10-15LBS, 15-20LBS, 25-30LBS, and 35-40LBS.
  • Light and Portable - Lightweight and easy to carry. Comes with a matching carry bag.

Package Contains:

  • 5 resistance loops
  • Carry bag